Second Sculpt-a-long Checkpoint: Armatures

Hello doll makers! March 4, 2018 is our next checkpoint. By next week, you should have your armature and/or pattern finished. I’m assuming nearly all dolls will use either an armature (sculpted dolls) or a pattern (cloth dolls.) If this assumption doesn’t work for your particular method, then do whatever you need to get a good start on your own piece. When you post a picture, let us know if you are looking for feedback or simply sharing.

If you haven’t joined us yet, there’s still plenty of time. Feel free to jump in late and play along.

2 thoughts on “Second Sculpt-a-long Checkpoint: Armatures

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    Here is my armature for Gwynn Ap Nudd, lord of the Wild Hunt. Feedback is welcome, if you can see clearly enough. I’m trying to find a way to make the picture larger.

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    Here is the armature for my Gulliver. As you can see I have also started on the legs although I am going to change it so that one leg is bent at the knee. The body is just about complete, just a little tweaking needed.

    As always comments/feedback welcome.

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