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The dollmakers email discussion list began in 1996. The archive doesn’t go all the way back to the beginning because of server migrations, but our archive of discussions and dollmaking tips goes back to 2002. We’ve had members ranging from world-famous artists including NIADA members Marlaine Verhelst and Jodi Creager to brand new members asking tons of questions. We focus more on original sculpted dolls, but we do have cloth artists and the occasional discussion on porcelain molds. We would love to get some new members on the list so we look forward to meeting you.

If you are interested in joining, click here for the form to join. Once you’ve joined, you have access to the 16 years worth of discussion archives with its wealth of information.

4 thoughts on “Dollmakers Email Discussion List

  1. how do I become a member? I joined the mailing list but I don’ t see how to join the club to login in and see archives .

    1. No, everyone is welcome as long as you are interested in making dolls. The traditional focus has been more on art dolls, and more on sculpting rather than fabric or porcelain, but that’s not because of rules.

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